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practice is in a dialect unity with cognitive activity, with the theory. On to knowledge it. triple role. First, a source, a basis, move it by force, gives it not round the actual material. Secondly, in the way of the application of knowledge, and in this sense it is the knowledge purpose. By an ultimate goal it is learned ignorances in itself are, and transformation is deystvit for satisfaction by a mater and spiritual needs of society. Thirdly, the knowledge cut serves as criterion of the validity.

m. external and internal. External is outside the power of this need. It opredet privkhodyashchy circumstances. The persons stepped on a crust and fell. (falling does not follow from logic of acts fallen)

Each object along with common features is allocated also the individual with features. Owing to this fact along with the generalized also concrete approach to object is necessary: is not present truth, it is always concrete. Whether the principles a mechanics class are true for example? Yes, but in limits. And so for truth.

Usually truth define as knowledge to object. The truth is adequate an inform about object, received by means of sensual or intellectual comprehension or the message on it and characterized from the point of view of its reliability. T.o. truth as subjective reality in its inform and valuable aspects. Opredet the value of knowledge a measure of its validity. The truth is a svoystvoznaniye, but not object of knowledge.

What is the accident? Accident is such type of communication, the cat is caused by the insignificant, external, privkhodyashchy reasons for this phenomenon. it is subjective the neokike, objectively privkhodyashchy phenomena, that in these conv m.., and can not be.

Determinism and indeteminizm. The determinism - the methodologist the principle according to which of the fact that in the world everything is interconnected and it is caused, follows knowledge and predictions of the events having as unambiguously opredet, and the probabilistic nature. A mechanical determinism - unambiguous conditionality => a strict prediction.

The knowledge is reflection and in the form of a sensual or conceptual image. The image can be not only cash life, but also and the past. And the future - whether can be it an otrazheiya? Whether it is possible to estimate as the true idea acting in the form of a plan? Probably not. Certainly the plan is under construction on the basis of knowledge. And in this sense it leans on the true. However the plan is estimated in terms of expediency and feasibility, but not a term of the validity or falsehood.

The term absolute and and carries to any to truth: as it is objective, in the moment contains something absolute. And in this sense any truth absolute is relative. Development truth is building of the moments of the absolute. Nova of N of the theory fuller and deep on with the previous. But it is new truth do not dump old stories under a slope, and supplement, concretize or include them as the moments of more general and truth. (Teor carries Einstein and the Newtonian mechanic.

The dialectics of essence and - process not unambiguously simple, i.e. in it is not present such communication: one essence one. Itself rather ambiguously and not always hides for himself true essence. It is quite real for Phyl Probl of a kazhimost, visibilities.

As activity carries realized har-r so far as spirit began, certainly, its necessary moment. Also it is impossible to break off uniform complete activity on 2 forms and the more so to oppose them.

The main form of manifestation of life of the people is activity - sensually subject, praktachesky, and spiritual, theoretical. Persons - an active being. It actively influences on its things, the sv-va, not round for satisfaction of its societies and personal needs gives them the form also. In preobraz of the world of persons gives to opredelennostsvoy life.

The scientific knowledge in essence is impossible without stolkn of various opinions, belief, also as it is impossible and without mistakes. Mistakes are quite often made during supervision, measurement, calculations, judgments, estimates. Until the persons aspire forward he wanders," - Goethe spoke.