Eight Questions For Jmfc

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Once again I will dare to notice that these statements of Pirogov (in particular about bad influence of the trade direction in societies extremely precisely characterize today's position of society, especially the provision of youth.

Resolutions of faculty meetings got in the opinion of pupils bigger authority big force. "Experience proves, - writes Pies, - that the conclusions and definitions of faculty meeting incomparably more enjoy confidence between pupils, than solutions of one face, whether there will be it minor in an institution, as teachers or supervisors, - or the main thing as the director".

To the place of separate, unorganized influences of N of pupils from administration of schools (directors and the inspector and supervisors of Pies put forward collective work of teachers as the main educational force or as he calls them, the mentors united in faculty meetings of average educational institutions. Thus individual, often casual and any action of teachers received not only unity, but also naturally big versatility and depth of influences on pupils.

Here the fourth look - practical. Working, fulfill your official duties, collecting kopek for rainy day. In doubtful cases if one duty contradicts another, choose that more favorable or at least that is less harmful to you to you. However, provide to everyone to escape after the own fashion. About belief, in the same way as well as about tastes, do not argue and do not strive. With a full pocket it is possible to live and without belief.

The main thing in educational work to that Pies attaches crucial importance, it intentions, the vital purposes and tasks what are set to themselves by tutors in a family and at school, coherence of a family, school, society and state in these tseleustremleniye.

Here, for example, the first look - very simple and attractive. Do not reflect, do not interpret that is inexplicable. It on a small measure only loss of one time. It is possible, thinking, to lose both appetite, and a dream. Time is necessary for works and pleasures. Appetite - for pleasures and works. A dream - again for works and pleasures. Works and pleasure - for happiness.