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If the purpose was the satisfaction of requirements, it carried this phenomenon to economy since this purpose is final and, therefore, natural. It referred agriculture, craft and nonprofessional trade to such phenomena.

If the purpose was the profit, Aristotle carried this phenomenon to the category of a hrematistika since this purpose is infinite and, therefore, unnatural. Aristotle referred professional trade and usury to this category.

Division of labor is the cornerstone of human society. He wrote that each person has a set of requirements, but one ability and, therefore, the person has to live in society for satisfaction of the needs and for society there has to be a division of labor.

- Platon and Aristotle: lifted theoretical problems. For example a problem of harmony of goods from which they drew a conclusion that though there is an equality of proportions, the people who are engaged in an exchange, i.e. the exchange is fair, but in the goods this equality is not put. Equality is provided with money, the t. the artificial tool created by people.

Formation of economic thought coincides with formation of human society. But we were reached, unfortunately, by only those fragments which were reflected in written sources. Therefore, we can judge about. think of antiquities only after emergence of the first civilizations.